BA in French and European Studies

4 years


January, September

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€ 3,417

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Nicosia, Cyprus


About the programme

At a time when many sectors are saturated with graduates who have a hard time finding a job in the specific field of their studies, there are programmes that combine a wide range of knowledge, critical thinking, interdisciplinarity and the ability to communicate fluently in three or more languages, opening up many career prospects in Cyprus and abroad.

The Department of French and European Studies is one of the new, modern, small but dynamic Departments of the University of Cyprus that offers the above-mentioned strong combination with direct openings to society and the labour market. It provides its students with knowledge of the relevant scientific disciplines, comprehensive language skills, the cultivation of critical thinking and the ability to engage in intercultural dialogue.

The programme of the Department of French and European Studies, with single access, and divided in two directions from the first year of study, leads to the award of one of the following two degrees, combining the classical scientific coverage of their field of study with the acquisition of updated knowledge and skills.

  • A degree in Modern Languages and European Studies, the only one which, alongside the study of European institutions, institutions and policies, trains students in courses conducted in two foreign languages. Students will acquire a sound knowledge of the humanities and social sciences as well as political science, in particular on topics related to European studies. They will be able to pursue their careers in professional fields where these specialisations are required, e.g. European institutions, national and foreign public services, cultural organisations, foundations, companies, NGOs, etc.
  • A degree in French Language and Literature, which trains students in French Language and Literature and in the teaching of French as a Foreign Language, alongside the study of French society, cinema and culture. Graduates can pursue careers in teaching, journalism, domestic and foreign public services, and professional translation.

From the beginning it was the programme I wanted to follow, so I knew I made the right choice. I pursued something I was passionate about. I am grateful for the small steps I have taken, and I owe a thank you to the Department of French and European Studies. The courses I was taught gave me knowledge and critical thinking to be able to stay in such a far-reaching institution. Philosophy, critical thinking, the high level of French and German teaching, and the demands of the industry, gave me the resources and confidence.

Constantinos Giagkou, 2018, MEP’s office in Brussels

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