MA in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

2 years


January, September

Start Date

€ 5,125

Tuition Fee

Nicosia, Cyprus


About the programme

The Master of Arts in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics at University of Cyprus is primarily designed for those interested in the scientific investigation of language.

The main objectives of the Master of Arts in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics at University of Cyprus are: 

  • to offer students a solid background and deepen their knowledge in the main areas of English grammar and the structure of language; 
  • to enable students to become acquainted with different areas of the field (such as syntax, semantics, phonology, applied linguistics, etc.);
  • to engage students in research in the field, and consequently get students interested in furthering their studies.

Key Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the MA in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, students are expected to have acquired:

  • A sweeping but in-depth overview of the language sciences.
  • A wide overview of the literature in Linguistics.
  • A critical understanding of key issues and concepts in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics.
  • Expert-level understanding of the scientific approach to language
  • Essential language teaching and language analysis skills.
  • Expert-level training in analyzing and teaching English.
  • An advanced ability to analyze language structure.
  • A profound and critical understanding of discoveries and issues in language acquisition.
  • An advanced ability to critically approach linguistic phenomena, both in a theoretical and an interdisciplinary framework, the latter involving political, social, psychological, neurological topics and contexts.
  • A deep understanding of the interplay between language, cognition, and communication.
  • Sophisticated communicative and presentation skills.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates with Examples

The employability prospects of the graduates include, among others, the following:

  • Appointment in Secondary Education
  • Employment in State training programs
  • Employment in private education (private schools, language institutes)
  • Appointment in the public and wider public sector of the Republic of Cyprus
  • Appointment in the Diplomatic Service of the Republic of Cyprus
  • Employment in private companies of all kinds
  • Employment in the media (print and electronic journalism, TV stations, radio stations)
  • Employment in publishing professions (e.g. editing, publishing)
  • Cultural management (cultural institutions, museums, etc.)
  • Further studies at graduate level (PhD).

Courses included

  • Trends in Applied Linguistics
  • Principles of Linguistic Analysis
  • First and Second Language Acquisition
  • Topics in Linguistics

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