Master in Economic Analysis

18 months



Start Date

€ 5,125

Tuition Fee

Nicosia, Cyprus


About the programme

The Master in Economic Analysis aims at providing rigorous training in economic theory and econometrics. It is suitable for students interested in working as economic analysts both in the public and in the private sector, as well as for those interested in continuing their studies to obtain a Ph.D. in Economics.

The Master in Economic Analysis is the natural starting point for students who wish to pursue a Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Cyprus and do not already hold a research-oriented Master’s degree.


The Department provides funding opportunities to selected candidates. These include scholarships that cover the tuition fees of the programme and, often, additional financial aid through employment by the Department through teaching or research assistantships, which allow the students to cover their living costs.

The Department tries its best to clarify the financial support that incoming students should expect as soon as possible. Oftentimes, this is done already when the Department offers a position to the applicant in the programme or soon after that.


The Master in Economic Analysis is primarily a research-oriented programme.

Several of its graduates continue their studies to pursue a Ph.D. in Economics, either at the University of Cyprus or at other institutions. Graduates of the programme have been admitted to top Ph.D. programmes worldwide, including University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Maryland and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. In addition to these, graduates of the Department, several of which had taken courses from the Master in Economic Analysis, have been admitted to programmes at Northwestern University, the University of Rochester, Columbia University, Washington University in St. Louis, Universitat Pompeu Fabra and others.

Graduates who did not pursue a Ph.D. have found employment in the private sector, mainly in financial institutions, as well as in competitive positions in governmental organizations, including the Central Bank of Cyprus and the Ministry of Finance.

Courses included

  • Microeconomic Analysis
  • Macroeconomic Analysis
  • Statistics and Econometrics
  • Analytical Methods in Economics
  • Master’s Thesis

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