MSc in Biomedical Sciences

18 months


January, September

Start Date

€ 5,125

Tuition Fee

Nicosia, Cyprus


About the programme

The Master’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences aims at providing students with high quality education of international standing, so that that they can develop a deep understanding of their science and versatile thinking, something critical for their professional career in the modern environment.

The Program entails theoretical coursework as well as a laboratory-based dissertation.
Graduates may continue their studies in postgraduate programmes in Cyprus or abroad, or find employment including in education, clinical and diagnostic labs, the pharmaceutical industry, biomedical research, biotechnology and similar.

Key Learning Outcomes

Education of new scientists at the graduate level who are competitive in the European and international setting.

Upon successful completion of their studies, graduates will be able:

  • to apply their knowledge in practice,
  • to transfer their knowledge of biology to students and to the society in general,
  • to satisfy professional requirements for career fields such as biomedicine, laboratory testing, environmental studies, biotechnology, sustainable use of biological resources etc.,
  • to adapt to technological advancements and new knowledge in the field,
  • to work independently or in groups at an international and/or interdisciplinary level,
  • generate new ideas and scientific knowledge,
  • respect diversity, multiculturalism and the natural environment,
  • demonstrate social, professional and moral responsibility and sensitivity to gender issues,
  • view themselves as well as others critically,
  • promote free, inductive and deductive thinking

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